Spring Street
Rhythm, movement, people on streets. Pressure pulsing; adrenaline surging. A million movements; infinite interactions. Emotion even; emerging bursts.

My sample is a mere molecule.  An immediate frame, on the edge of the fleeting moment, but not in-your-face close. Characters in a set design. Color streets need hues that pop or provide a worthy palette.

The series has no meaning. Each tableau a confirmation that we are here. A narrative of nothing in particular. Mere mementos for an imaginary time capsule of a gilded city.

Is something stolen? Is it invasive? Is it public access? Is it revealing? Is it freezing time to deny mortality?
West Street
Whitehall Street
Crosby Street
Howard Street
Houston Street
I'm checking them out,
I'm checking them out
I got it figured out,
I got it figured out
Good points some bad points
But it all works out,
I'm a little freaked out
Find a city,
find myself a city to live in
I will find a city,
find myself a city to live in
--David Byrne
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