The glass between is a safety net—an element that also muddies the waters. Gray tint embedded into thick plexiglass acts as a giant filter. Body dials are ramped up to penetrate layers and agree with speed. MPH is factored into ISO, f-stop, and 1 over X. The action is comprised of snapshots in motion alleviated by an occasional pause. And though the camera is most-often pointed through variations of windows onto the street, the interior surroundings play a crucial role. Where can I sit, if at all? Who will be watching and wondering? What people will enter? Who will depart the S61, 62, or 66 and look over their shoulder? The only aspect left to my control is knowing the position and availability of the sun as it descends. All else is a wheel of fortune—a mile-long trek from Victory to Bay Street chronicling a run of daily routines. My vantage point, courtesy the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Bus.

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